Whether you’re planning a scientific conference or an annual association meeting, each event is unique and requires a strong foundation to make it a success. To make sure your conference meet your goals, objectives and unique logistical requirements, you need a proven partner with experience to help strategize and plan all elements of your next event. That’s where team Connextions can be your expert guide.

With decades of experience managing conferences for associations and scientific research organizations, the team is uniquely suited to help you develop strategies to take your conference to the next level. As your long-term partner, we listen to your goals, work with your committees and draw on historical data with our expertise to build a solid foundation to jump-start your conference. We also take advantage of the latest tools and technologies to streamline the job of putting on your conference. From a centralized database for all your participants and transparent financials, to historical profiling, promotional tools and tailored conference planning manuals - we provide the wise strategy and tools needed to plan a conference that’s an unquestionable achievement.

Our Strategic Planning Services Include:
  • Committee liaisons
  • Conference design and development
  • Planning and production timeline management
  • Sponsor, tradeshow and advertising programs and fulfilment
  • Meals, banquets and social functions
  • Audio visual / webcasting
  • Onsite staffing and volunteer coordination
  • Scholarship and travel award programs
  • Implementation
  • Continuing education accreditation
  • Post-conference follow up and evaluations
  • Database management
  • Benefits of Our Strategic Planning Services
From concept to completion, we’re truly vested in your success in everything we do. With our strategic planning services as your platform you can:
  • Increase attendance
  • Maximize ROI
  • Reduce the time and burden of conference planning
  • Keep timelines, schedules and budgets on track
  • Leverage historical data to maximize budgets and limit contractual obligations
  • Gain insight into historical data on attendees, participants, sponsors and vendors
  • Build long-term relationships with quality suppliers

Where the conference is going to take place is extremely important for its success. The venue should attract the attendees and provide the right facilities to meet your standards, meeting space requirements, agenda and budget.

Our expertise in conference management, can help you select the perfect location for your next conference. With the countywide relationship and extensive experience working with hotels, convention centres and venues of all sizes, our team knows how to find just the right location to fit your goals, objectives and resources. We will scrutinize locations, negotiate contract terms, interface with property managers and record all site selection activities in a central database to aid future planning. Every possible detail is covered to minimize your risks, save you money and ensure you receive the high quality service that will make your conference venue receive rave reviews.

Our Site Selection Include:
  • Analysis of past events
  • Customised RFP and site review
  • Site visit with client
  • Contract negotiation
The Benefits of Our Assistance in Site Selection. Our extensive site selection expertise can help you:
  • Negotiate the best terms, cutoff dates and rates for your hotels, equipment and venues
  • Maximize budgets and minimize unforeseen expenses
  • Protect your organization with contract language that mitigates potential exposure
  • Match the right venue, location and service offering to your unique meeting requirements
  • Centralize information in one database for easy tracking, reporting, evaluation and planning
  • Get the best ROI on your event

The conference experience begins with the first communication and touch point – we create an event brand to ensure cohesion and consistency for your event. Our design approach encourages audience engagement, interaction and involvement to create a stronger connection to your event objectives.

Event collateral includes print, digital and signage, and are designed to represent your brand and your message to achieve your event objectives.

Print & Promotion Theme
  • Brand / identity / icon design
  • Event/Conference look and feel
  • Brand application and Design Collateral
  • Invitations – print and digital format
  • Agenda – print and digital format
  • Name badges and lanyards
  • Media walls
  • Posters
  • Microsite
  • Mobile app
  • Online registration system with branding
  • Digital campaign – eDM, social media
Venue Theme
  • Floral / plant hire
  • Centrepieces
  • Furniture
  • Stage / set design
  • Lighting design
  • Product sourcing
  • Experimental and innovative technology
  • Entrance feature design
  • Stand design
  • Signage and banners
  • Directional signage and wayfinding
  • Expo and conference design
  • Packs and satchels (Bags & pouches)
  • Sponsorship products
  • User engagement and interaction
Onscreen Concept Theme
  • Opener sequences
  • Powerpoint template
  • Holding slides
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Film / movie / video footage

Benefits of our themes and concept:
  • Different positioning of your conference
  • Enhanced delegate participation
  • Positive feedback and attendee satisfaction
  • More synced conference

At Connextions, conference website design and management services have been strategically developed to meet delegates’ needs and expectations. These professional and responsive websites are designed by our in-house team to adapt to web, mobile and tablet devices and use the latest in SEO and marketing techniques.

Connextions uses the latest technology to professionally support your next conference or event and to ensure its web security.

We can set up and update an official conference website to provide:
  • A library of resources for your delegates regarding your conference or event.
  • Fully secure registration system offering payment facilities for your delegates.
  • Accommodation and travel booking facilities.
  • Advertising call for Abstracts/Papers detailing submission specifications and requirements.
  • Sponsorship and exhibitor package details.
  • Logos and information advertising the signed up sponsors and exhibitors at the event.
  • Name badge production, Certificates, Invitation creation.
  • Abstract/paper submission, management and scoring facilities.
  • Surveys designed and distributors, and reports and data charts produced showing the survey results.
  • Professional email marketing campaigns designed and sent to promote and communicate with your target audiences. These can be created in HTML and text. We can easily track click through to show whether your attendee generation campaigns are working and can offer new revenue opportunities through banner ad inclusion.
  • Development and management of a visual exhibition floor plan making it easier to sell booth and table top exhibition space to your exhibitors and sponsors, as well as view which exhibitors will be present at your conference or tradeshow.
  • Regular update and links to different social media applications
Benefits of our website management services:
  • Conceptual interactive design on latest platform
  • Automated user friendly registration and travel booking process
  • Easy reporting for online services
  • Easy way to disseminate information
  • Increased delegate numbers through web and social media campaigns
  • Enhanced visibility of event

It is the most challenging task for many conference organizers to how they can provide tradeshow and sponsorship programs that deliver real value to exhibitors and sponsors while controlling costs and administrative burdens.

With years of experience in conference and exhibition management, Connextions Team is uniquely qualified to help you develop, run and improve your tradeshow and sponsorship programs. We act as a single point of contact for your exhibitors and sponsors and combine personal service, historical data and software tools to handle tradeshow registration, planning and onsite logistics. We as part of your team, you can be confident your exhibitors’ and sponsors' needs and expectations are met and you’ve maximized the revenue potential of your conference without taking your time and resources away from your other essential duties.

Our Trade Show and Sponsorship Services Include:
  • Tradeshow and sponsorship program design, development and fulfilment
  • Exhibitor and sponsor liaisons
  • Onsite logistics
  • Exhibitor and supplier contract management
  • Registration and badges
  • Sponsor and exhibition guides
Benefits of Our Trade Show and Sponsorship Services. Team Connextions takes your tradeshow and sponsorship programs to the next level so you can:
  • Improve customer service for your exhibitors and sponsors
  • Increase sales
  • Control costs
  • Increase visibility and access to information
  • Reduce the time and burden of tradeshow and sponsorship management on you and your staff
  • Keep timelines, schedules and budgets on track
  • Gain insight into historical data on exhibitors and sponsors

We handle all phases of registration including pre-registration communications and planning, online and onsite registration support, badge creation, reporting and more.

Using integrated, online tools we capture information on your stakeholders in a central database and then automate various registration processes. Not only does this streamline registration for your current conference, but it also provides vital information that can be used as the foundation for planning your next meeting or conference.

Our Registration Management Services Include:
  • Secure, centralized database of stakeholders (sponsors, exhibitors, complementary registrants, speakers, groups)
  • Individual customer IDs and passwords
  • Group registrations
  • Weekly registration reports
  • Membership dues
  • Demographic studies
  • Online registration
  • Integration with event management
  • Customizable badges
  • Online Payment collection
Benefits of Our Registration Services. With our quality service and automated online tools we take the time and hassle out of registration so you can:
  • Simplify registration for all your conference participants
  • Increase the number of registrations and improve attendance year over year
  • Eliminate tedious, error-prone or duplicate data entry
  • Capture all registration data in a centralized location – no more juggling multiple spreadsheets or starting from scratch each year
  • Stay informed and gain visibility into real-time and historical registration data
  • Reduce the time, cost and complexity of planning your next event

The quality of the content plays a vital role in getting attendees and keeping them engaged and also ensure high-level speakers contributing year after year. Team Connextions has rich experience in medical conferences, we have a unique understanding of the complexities associated with collecting and presenting research content. From submission and review, to program development and publishing, we have the experience and software tools to streamline the entire abstract management process for you so you are free to focus on the selection of quality content.

Abstract Management Process and Services Include:
  • Call for abstracts/papers full service management
  • Customizable submission and review systems
  • Poster sessions both traditional and electronic
  • Sourcing and contracting online journal publications
  • Printed and electronic proceedings
  • Individualized online conference itinerary creation for attendees
  • Abstract books
  • Scientific and host committee communications
  • Step by step speaker logistic management, including onsite check in and slide collection
  • Satellite/tutorial applications and onsite implementation
  • Session diversity cross-checking
Abstract submission to review, program development and publishing, step-by-step systems and software tools to streamline the entire abstract management process. This includes the ability to:
  • Create online profiles for submitters and reviewers that can be used for current and future conferences
  • Submit research online through a secure, customized website
  • Assign reviewers to specific abstracts
  • Track and manage the abstract review process
  • Score and select abstracts
  • Coordinate scientific abstract writing, editing, design and publication
  • Schedule presentations
  • Keep presenters and reviewers informed with notifications, scheduling information, follow up communications and more
Benefits of Abstract Management Services. With the assistance from ‘Connextions’ on providing abstract management services you can:
  • Streamline and simplify submissions, review and acceptance processes
  • Manage educational elements more efficiently
  • Capture presenter biographies, presentations, abstracts and papers in a centralized database
  • Respond more quickly and effectively to speakers, reviewers and attendees
  • Retain historical information for future planning and evaluation
  • Present high quality, accurate content that inspires attendees to return next year

Spreading the word out and creating positive buzz is essential for holding and growing a successful conference. With Team Connextions as your partner, you have access to a full range of marketing and communications services to publicize your conference, build excitement and keep your participants informed. As part of our marketing and communications services, we’ll help you promote your event with professional email campaigns, invitations and branded website. To keep your participants up-to-date and engaged throughout your event our team will produce and distribute onsite communications like program guides, web casts, press conferences and more. We don’t stop there. After the conference we help with post-conference evaluations to gain participants’ feedback, which together we can use to improve and plan your next conference.

Our Marketing and Communications Services Include:
  • Emailers/ Flyers / Teasers
  • Mass mailing and Email database management
  • Transactional Messaging
  • Printed materials
  • Similar Conference Promotions
  • Targeting Similar Institutions
  • Web casting
  • Websites
  • Press conference management
Benefits of Our Marketing and Communications Services Team at Connextions helps you plan, execute and evaluate professional marketing and communications activities so you can:
  • Save time and money by automating communications processes
  • Increase attendance and drive registrations
  • Keep participants informed with up-to-date information
  • Produce more accessible and relevant printed and online content
  • Maximize your marketing budget with highly targeted marketing outreach
  • Leverage centralized historical data to easily plan, track and manage future marketing activities

For a positive conference review it is very important that the attendees experience smooth travel and comfortable accommodation. Arranging airfares, accommodations and ground transportation for conference participants is a complicated and specialized job. You can leave these arrangements on Team Connextions.

We have years of experience in the industry and long-standing relationships hotels and services providers around the country. On your behalf we negotiate tough contracts, get you the best rates, manage communications and help ensure attendees enjoy a pleasant journey. Behind the scenes, we manage this high-level of service with online tools that automate processes and centralize information in one place to make coordinating travel and housing arrangements as effortless as possible.

Our Travel Services Include:
  • Hotel contracts
  • Individual and group hotel reservations
  • Hotel room block monitoring
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Pre & Post Tour programs
  • Airline ticketing
Benefits of Our Travel Services. Our travel services are part of our overall commitment to making your conference an outstanding achievement. With Connextions as your travel manager you can:
  • Reduce the time and costs of managing travel and housing
  • Negotiate and secure the best rates and contract terms
  • Assess and reserve accommodations that fit the size and needs of your group
  • Simplify travel arrangements for conference participants
  • Centralize travel records in one database for easy planning, tracking, reporting and evaluation
  • Increase conference attendance

Our conference management professionals serves as ‘field Marshals’ for any conference. While managing and implementing conference plans, they coordinate with the other subject matter experts within the team, your team and various suppliers. They manage timelines and are the center point for communications. They are responsible for ensuring that we deliver on all conference objectives.

We believe in delivering the “right” solutions, and have the expertise to plan and coordinate with multiple vendors to ensure seamless and cost effective integration and execution.

As for Audiovisual equipments, with our expertise, we will let you know which equipment and services are “must-haves” for your event, and what can be scaled back when you’re looking for ways to cut costs. We work with you every step of the way to identify areas where you can trim your budget, and provide you with price alternatives for each element of your event. Wherever appropriate, ‘Connextions’ obtains multiple bids and provides recommendations to the client prior to contracting with any vendor.

We understand the importance of high quality vendors who will contribute to the success of meeting.

We coordinates all vendors including, but not limited to:
  • Audio-visual
  • DMC services
  • Entertainment
  • Facilities
  • Food and beverage
  • Graphic design
  • Medical editing/writing
  • Photography
  • Printing
  • Security
  • Staffing agencies
  • Tradeshow
  • Translation services
  • Transportation
  • Customs services
  • Tax consultants …and many more
Benefits of our Vendor Management:
  • One stop solution for all your needs
  • Tested suppliers
  • Wide range of service providers
  • Quality assurance

The strategic planning of the conference has been done seamlessly. The contracts were tightly negotiated; the faculty are on their way; all of the food has been ordered; the social venues are on stand-by; the signs are scheduled to go up; and your delegates have been registered. Now the main part begins: on-site management and operations.

We handle on-site registration, work with contracted vendors, coordinate with hotels, oversee transportation, manage special event set up - production, coordinate session materials and audio-visual equipment and more

  • Reach at venue in advance of meeting to ensure arrangements are secured
  • Meetings (pre-conference) are held with hotel & convention centre, security, caterers, exhibit decorators, the audio visual company, and the transportation providers to ensure that everyone has the same information and approach to the event.
  • Coordinate conference staff
  • Registration and security staff are well briefed
  • Signages are in place
  • Complete venue set up
  • Supervise exhibition hall
  • Manage vendors for audio-visual, signages, fabrication etc
  • Coordinate food and beverage
  • Ensure all lodging requirements are met
  • Exit passes have been planned
Benefits of our Onsite planning
  • Seamless setup and delivery
  • Proper manpower in place
  • Attendee satisfaction and positive feedback
  • No last minute hiccups

Our ability in making every Conference a success, is our capacity to build and maintain Conference budgets that ensures the financial viability of an event and its Association’s ongoing annual membership activities. The budget is built for the event life cycle and captures every possible expense so there are no surprises as the end of the event. International currency, banking transactions and taxes are understood and managed.

Comprehensive, accurate and timely financial reports keep you fully informed on income, expenditure and cashflow projection at every step of the project, right through to our detailed post-event financial reporting and analysis.

Additionally we can assist with:
  • Budget development
  • Comprehensive computerised financial tracking of all income, expenditure and taxes (eg; GST) ensuring a full and comprehensive audit trail for your event
  • Detailed financial summaries and reconciliations for the Event Treasurer
  • Coordination of event insurance cover (if required)
  • Opening of a dedicated event bank account
  • Merchant facilities to collect registration payments
  • Production of tax invoices, receipts and documentary approvals for your event registrants.
Benefits of Financial Management Services:
  • Full control on finances
  • Instant reporting of financial status
  • Projection and planning of all the expenses well in advance
  • Your focus is more on the conference content