Quality Assurance Standards

We strive to offer services of the highest standard to our clients and their audience. A few of the ways that we measure these standards include:

Cost Effectiveness / Value for Money

When selecting all aspects of an event, we choose the venue, catering, speakers etc. of the highest quality to ensure customer satisfaction and value for money. Connextions Orbis has established preferred relationships with a wide range of trusted industry suppliers. We negotiate on our clients' behalf to ensure the best rates.

Time Management

Our team of experienced event professionals ensure that all runs smoothly and on time by keeping very clear and concise communication with the key stakeholders, venue, caterers, speaker and MC. We create detailed specific run sheets, including AV, speaker, MC, and venue/catering that are distributed and discussed with all appropriate parties prior to the event.


As per the style of business, the event runs in its own right, we truly understand the importance of professionalism from all staff members. The team has successfully executed over 150 events in their previous endeavours. Also a key factor in keep a professional team related with all functional heads, we are well-prepared for unexpected onsite risks.

Organisation / Attention to Detail

We aim for no mistakes during an event, and we achieve this by being extremely organised throughout the lead-up, onsite and post-event periods. We keep detailed records of all contracts with the client, suppliers, sponsors, etc. and go through them with a fine tooth comb to ensure that our client is receiving the best service possible.

Attendee Satisfaction

Often measured in a post-event survey. We also measure this by observing the attendee’s overall engagement with the venue, catering, speakers, MC and event staff.