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Within only 6 weeks after launching the highly protective and affordable “Make in India” mask ‘KAWACH’, the IIT Delhi startup ETEX has scaled up production to ensure that the mask reaches the masses to protect them against COVID-19. So far, over a million masks have been served to the country across all states.

KAWACH has been acknowledged by different sectors like EDUCATION, SPORTS, KHADI, NGO, TEXTILE INDUSTRY, ENVIRONMENT, MEDICAL, DEFENSE and many other organizations, promoting the message of MAKE IN INDIA, SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN, AATM NIRBHARTA, and VOICE FOR LOCAL.

While not resting on the laurels of merely developing mask technology, we are on our next mission to introduce the historic and popular Indian brand “KAWACH” on the international forum. We wish to see Indian brands getting equally acknowledged by the international community, similar to mask type, N95, FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3


Our Products

Kawach Standard

Kawach Standard

₹ 45

Kawach Elite

Kawach Inspire (Fashionable)

₹ 75


Kawach Elite (Anti-Microbial/Premium Linen)

₹ 75

Kawach Gown

Kawach Pro (Anti-Dust/Water Repellent)

₹ 75

Kawach Elite

Beating corona with Swadeshi Style





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Ensuring superior quality and highly innovative products to our customers at extremely affordable price.

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Maintaining trustworthy and long lasting relationship with our customers, delivering products on time and providing world class after sales services.

Make in India , Made in India

Delivering strong social impact, created over 5000 job opportunities to Locals; contributing towards Atmanirbhar Bharat.